Engraved Signs

Engraving is a similar process to carving, but on a smaller scale and with much thinner, lighter weight materials. Engraving is a process where either a rotatory style routing machine or laser engraver is used to engrave lettering, logos or even pictures into thin materials such as plastics, brass, aluminium, etc. Engraved signs have many uses. Most often, we are making office nameplates when making engraved signs. Generally, these signs are 6-12″ wide and 1-4″ tall. We offer holders in metal colours for these nameplates which can be attached to a wall or cubical to identify offices, utility rooms, restrooms and other rooms. Sometimes customers don’t want to engrave the nameplates as the offices or users change frequently. In this case, we offer custom slide in signs like the one below. The customer can print paper signs and insert them into the nameplate saving time and money when new signs are needed.

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